Best Friends

“Because we are best friends, Belone is a company that has the family support.
Join us blood ties, lived experiences and great memories of the past that allow
us to have the same vision of the future.”


Belone is sea, tradition and family. Carlos Estima, the mentor of all, was a man with a huge passion, dedication and professionalism. In the early 70 dedicated his life to the manufacture of furniture for kitchen and office, shortly after his “small business” has positioned itself as the first of the sector in Portugal. Always shared with us his knowledge and never hesitated to pass on the best advice in order to grow within the sector. The office furniture has always been part of our lives as the fish is part of the ocean.



The sea is also part of GabrielTeixidó’s life, industrial designer born near the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona. Works with the most important companies in the lighting sector, chairs and office furniture, home and outdoor. In addition to all his professional experience his passion for fishing is linked with nature, with the ocean and with Belone.